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posted Mar 23, 2020, 3:27 PM by John Rouse



Potomac School Parents,

As we are continuing through this period of some degree of uncertainty resulting from the virus outbreak, our staff members have been working hard to find the best ways to continue to serve the educational needs of our students. This letter is to outline what you can expect from our teachers during the period of school closure.  Although the governor initially closed schools until March 27th, one of his recent communications used language that implies that the closure will “likely” extend beyond the 27th of March. We anticipate that the closure will extend longer.


Our teachers are committed to serving their students to the greatest extent possible given the circumstances.  The manner in which lessons, instruction, and follow-up support will be offered to the students varies depending upon the grade level of your child and the courses he or she is taking. Teachers will use the email addresses that we have on file to communicate directly with parents during this time.  Each of your child’s teachers will be contacting you by email. These emails will contain important information regarding the tasks, assignments, and activities your child will be expected to complete.  I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for your child to continue to complete these assignments. If your child struggles or needs additional support, your child’s teacher will be available for support. If your child does not attempt to continue to learn during this time period, he or she will likely fall behind in terms of student achievement.  These activities are not suggestions for your child, they are, in fact, regular assignments that are expected to be completed by the student.  Each teacher will develop a method for assessing the degree to which each student is successfully completing these assignments, and that assessment will be used to determine the student's progress.


On Wednesday, March 25th,  from 7am to 7pm, Mr. Rouse will be available at the main building of the school.  During this time, students and/or parents will be allowed to enter the building to collect textbooks and supplies that the student needs. 


Our teachers are taking advantage of technology to provide the best activities possible for their students.  We will be using programs like Google Classroom, Khan Academy, Istation, and the online portions of our English Language Arts program to provide interesting and challenging lessons.  Because for many of our students having access to some type of device-- desktop computer, Chromebook, iPad, or smartphone will be important, we are allowing families to check out Chromebooks or iPads from our school (one unit per family).  


Mr. Rouse will be available Wednesday, March 25th, 7am to 7pm to allow a parent to sign a “Consent To Use” document and pick up the device/charging cord.  Mr. Rouse will facilitate this process in order to respect social distancing and to limit the numbers of people in the building.  Please come to the front entrance of the main building (West side of the building).  Please park your vehicle only on the side of the street closest to the school to allow traffic to continue to flow on Potomac Road. During the time of the school closure, students may drop off any school work for their respective teachers by simply dropping their work in the library book Drop Box located at the school library building.  Please be sure the student’s name is on the materials, and that they are bundled together with a rubber band.  Do not put technology equipment at the drop box.  Simply keep the equipment until we reopen the school.


Because of the dedication of our staff members, your child can expect opportunities during this time period to speak directly with his or her teacher either via the computer or directly over the phone during normal school hours. Please allow your child time to talk with his or her teacher when contacted by phone or by device.  It is important to maintain personal contact with each student to provide the child with a sense of security in knowing that his or her teacher is there. 


Because the school facilities will be closed during this time, if you have questions please do not hesitate to call Mr. Rouse at 406 540-2013. 




John P. Rouse, Principal