Potomac Partners 2011/2012

Burback Foundation: Donated 15 iPad computers to the 3rd/4th grade class to enhance academic and technology learning (summer 2011)
Missoula Parks and Recreation Board: Matched funding for a new scoreboard in our gym and planning funds for our 
    Athletic Field (summer 2011)
Dawn Donham - Donated electric keyboard (summer 2012)
VFW: donated science equipment to our middle school science classrooms (fall 2011)
Dale Hinkle: Donated labor to evaluate, plan, narrate, etc. plans for the Potomac Athletic Complex (fall 2011)
Daniel Westburg: Installed frost free hydrant on athletic field (fall 2011)
Tony Knuchel, Floyd Ployhar, Gary Long, Phil Hall: Donated labor costs to install sidewalks, etc. (fall 2011)
Pat & Loretta Hays: Donated gravel for sidewalk installation (fall 2011)
Tim Olean: Donated labor and equipment to construct Kindergarten step (fall 2011)
Sri Donham, Tim Olean, Tony Knuchel, Bob Cheff: Donated labor and equipment to install scoreboard in gym (fall 2011) 
    and screen (winter 2012)
Melissa Mcauley, Ginny Griffin, Bruce Richardson: Construction and maintenance of Community Garden (summer 2011)
Floyd Ployhar: donated labor and equipment for sidewalk install, installed flagpole, leveled fill by field (fall 2011)
Mountain Copper Creations: Donated funds to Boosters to lower costs of busing student athletes (fall 2011)
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation - Donated archery equipment for Potomac's NASP program
Scott Davis: made arrow quivers for our schools National Archery in the Schools Program (winter 2012)
Missoula Electric Cooperative - Donated $1,200 dollars to purchase science equipment
EEE Foundation - Donated $550 for electronic purchase (winter 2012)
Candance & Ryan Hall - Donated textbooks and vacuum cleaner  (fall, winter 2012)
Big Bear Sign Co.- Donated fundraising sign for Potomac Community Recreation Complex (Spring 2012)
Plum Creek - $5,000 donation to Phase 1 of athletic field (spring 2012)
Blackfoot Telephone - 100 bottles of water for Bike-a-thon (spring 2012)