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Potomac School District will be closed through April 10th!  This includes all Explorer activities. Stay well!

The Governor announced the extended school closure at a press conference on Tuesday, March 24th.

Potomac School Students and Parents:

Because Governor Bullock has ordered all public schools to be closed from March 16 - 27, Potomac School will be closed until March 27th. Our teachers are preparing plans for your children that the students can do to maintain their academic skills while we are out. This will include encouraging our students to continue to read daily, write daily, and practice basic math skills. We will make more specific details on our website and Facebook by March 24th.

We are working with the federal school lunch program to be able to provide free meals for our students and perhaps community members as soon as possible. Once we get the approval for this service, we will put out a notice about when these meals will be available.

Message from the Governor’s Office:

"Governor Bullock directed Montana's public K-12 schools to close starting tomorrow, March 16 until March 27. During this time, schools will engage in planning to provide arrangements to provide free meals to students who need them, pursuant to a waiver obtained from the United States Department of Agriculture, and to provide for all other matters and services that students need in the event of future or ongoing closure. Schools will continue to receive all state funding during this two-week closure."--