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Potomac School District's Return-to-School Plan

posted Aug 11, 2020, 3:19 PM by John Rouse
August 11, 2020

Our first day of school is Wednesday, August 26th.  This school year is obviously going to be a different type of year because of the impact that the Covid-19 virus is having.  We have been working over the summer to be prepared for whatever conditions might exist when school opens.  We have prepared a Return-to-School Plan.  We have emailed out copies of that plan to those parents/guardians for whom we have email addresses. The Plan and associated documents have also been posted on our webpage.


The Plan provides some detail as to the precautions we will be taking at school to create and maintain a healthy environment for students and staff members.  As noted in the plan, wearing face coverings in the classrooms is optional for both students and staff members; however, all adults (staff members, volunteers, and visitor) must wear face coverings anytime they are inside of school district buildings and the community center, except for staff members while they are in their work area—classrooms, offices, or kitchen.


While we are looking forward to the return of our students on the 26th, we understand that some students will need to remain home until the conditions at school are such that families feel safe sending their students to school.  In the packet of materials that were emailed out was an Opt-Out Form.  This form needs to be completed and returned by the parent/guardian for any student(s) who will not be returning to the classroom on August 26th. By completing this form, the parent/guardian is indicating their intention of keeping their student(s) home from school until the end of the first quarter of school (October 22nd).  The Opt-Out Form will need to be resubmitted at the beginning of each quarter. A copy of the Opt-Out form is on the school district’s webpage as well.


From the initial surveys that were sent to parents, it appears that only about ten students will be remaining at home when school opens.  There were nine students whose parents indicated that they were still undecided about their students returning to the classrooms. For those students whose parents submitted the Opt-Out of In-Class Instruction Forms, we will be providing live streaming of the classroom instruction as it is taking place at school.


Also, in the packet and on the webpage is a Health Screening and Liability Waiver Form that needs to be reviewed, signed, and returned to this school.  This form is an acknowledgement that the school will be conducting temperature screening of students, staff members, volunteers and visitors.  Our hope is to keep our school open for our students. We will utilize social distancing as much as possible in our facilities and stress good personal hygiene including handwashing, appropriate use of hand sanitizers, and cleaning and disinfecting frequently contacted surfaces. A critical step in this process will be for every parent/guardian to conduct a quick Health Assessment on their student(s) before sending them to school. An easy-to-use Daily Health Assessment is also available in the information that was included in the email documents and on the webpage.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during these unusual circumstances.

John Rouse,
Aug 11, 2020, 3:19 PM