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August 2022

This is a new feature of our Newsletter.  The week after each board meeting, Mr. Rouse will provide a short informal summary of the actions taken at the board meeting.  These are not the formal board minutes.  Those are prepared by the clerk and approved by the board at their next meeting.



The consent agenda that included routine business matters of the school district was approved.


There were no reports from the 8th grade class or the teachers.


Mr. Rouse presented his principal’s report which highlighted the summer support program and the summer curriculum development sessions for our teachers. Mr. Rouse also highlighted the fact that many of our teachers participated in various professional development opportunities over the summer, including attending university classes and dyslexia trainings.


Heather Marcella presented her clerk’s report in which she discussed the Trustees’ Financial Summary report.


There was no Old Business.


Under New Business, the board

  • approved the Classified employees’ Offer of Employment,

  • approved Mr. Rouse as the MAEC representative to the Joint Advisory Board,

  • approved the Trustees’ Financial Summary,

  • approved the 2022-23 Budget, and

  • after hearing a presentation by Laura Garber and Jayme Fairfield regarding some adult education offerings, the board approved the offering of an adult education course, Cultivating Connections- Growing Plants in Our Area. This course will be offered at no cost to anyone who resides within the Potomac School District boundaries.  There will be sessions offered on four Saturdays throughout the upcoming school year. The costs for these programs will be paid for out of funds remaining from a prior community education levy.


Finally, the board discussed the upcoming repairs to the community center building.


The next meeting will be September 12th at 6:00 pm. The board is meeting an hour earlier than normal to allow more time for a strategic planning discussion.

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