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March 27th Potomac School Closure Update--The governor extended the school closure until April 10th

posted Mar 27, 2020, 1:03 PM by John Rouse
Governor Bullock has extended the school closures in Montana until April 10th. We will continue offering instruction through distance learning.  A variety of different online programs are being used by our teachers to provide our students will the best instruction possible under the circumstances.  You or your student should be receiving regular communications from his or her teachers either through e-mail, telephone, or papers sent home with the meal deliveries at the bus stops.  If you are not receiving these communications, email the teacher or contact me at jrouse@potomacschoolmontana.us.

Parents- Please continue providing a routine structure at home for your children that includes set times during the day for them to complete their schoolwork.  We strongly encourage your children to read at least 40 minutes a day in addition to that required for their assignments.  Also, there our art activities being offered by our art teacher, Asha MacDonald.  See "Art with Asha" on Youtube.

Istation is a program that our teachers use in both math and reading.  Your children are familiar with the program and know how to use it.  Please allow them to access this program.  Istation has added a new component called Home-to-School Connection that will allow your child to continue progressing through the Istation activities and assessments.  Plus, Istation’s Parent Portal offers online access to supplemental home activities and skill-building lessons that a parent can go over with their child and includes printable materials for use at home. Parents can also track progress with personalized data profiles. The Parent Portal can be accessed on any device with a browser, such as a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

In order for the program to accurately determine the level at which your child needs to be working, it is important to have accurate assessment data.  Please do not assist your child, when he or she is taking an Istation assessment.  The link to begin access to Istation's home to school program is below.  You will be asked to load the Isation app on your device.  It should work fine on the school's Chromebooks or Ipads.