Board Meeting Agenda

September 12th, 2022

Please note the meeting will be held in Room 112 in the main school building.

To join the meeting virtually, go to and click on "Join a meeting", contact John Rouse, principal, prior to 6:00 PM on September 12th.  Mr. Rouse will be serving as the Host, and he will provide you with directions for joining the meeting.


6:00 pm


Public Input:


Consent Agenda:                                                                                                                   Chair Dr. Hathaway

  1. Minutes August 8th  

  2. Warrant List

3.   Business Card

4.   Petty Cash

5.   Extracurricular



  1. 8th Grade Class:  Students

  2. Teacher Reports: Damian Gaglia & Christi Taillefer                                                         Gaglia & Taillefer

   3.  Principal’s Report                                                                                                                 Principal Rouse

   4.  Clerk’s Report                                                                                                                       Heather Marcella

   5.  Board Professional Development                                                                                     Board Members


New Business:

       1.  Personnel - Approve Margaret Thompson as substitute and Place Based               Principal Rouse

            Learning para pending a background check.

       2.  Approve Candice Carstens as substitute pending a background check               Principal Rouse

       3.  Approve Cynthia Hoffman as Personal Care Attendant and Place Based             Principal Rouse

            Learning para pending a background check.

       4.  Approve Amy Truett and Heather Marcella as Place Based Learning                     Principal Rouse

            Paras, and Amy Truett as substitute.                               

       5.  Approve Sarah Duello as Place Based Learning Coordinator/Teacher.                  Principal Rouse

       6.  Approve the 22/23 Substitute List.                                                                                  Principal Rouse

       7.  Discuss Personal Care Attendant hourly rate                                                              Principal Rouse

       8.  Review the ESSER III Plan and approve revisions                                                          Principal Rouse

       9.  Consider approving the use of Building Reserve Funds to replace the cooling    Principal Rouse

            unit for the walk-in cooler.

       10.  Consider approving list of surplus items for sale, donation, disposal                      Principal Rouse

       11.  Consider approving admission of the following two students by “special              Principal Rouse

           permission” from the school board, as per MCA 20-7-117.

              - Blayre Bastian      

​              - Clayton Mitchell                                                 

        12.  Strategic Plans and Goals – Emphasis on Financial Sustainability                         Chair Dr. Hathaway   

Next Meeting October 10th, 2022 – 7:00 pm