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         Board Meeting Agenda

November 13, 2023

Please note the meeting will be Virtual Only.

To join the meeting virtually, go to and click on "Join a meeting", contact John Rouse, superintendent, prior to 7:00 PM on November 13th.  Mr. Rouse will be serving as the Host, and he will provide you with directions for joining the meeting.


7:00 pm

Public Input:

Consent Agenda                                                                                                                                Chair Dr. Hathaway

  1. Minutes October 9th

  2. Warrant List

  3. Business Card

  4. Petty Cash

  5. Extracurricular inconsistency


  1. 8th Grade Class 

  2. Student Council

  3. Teacher Reports: Christi Taillefer & Rachel David                                                              Taillefer & David

  4. Superintendent’s Report                                                                                                        John Rouse

  5. Principal’s Report                                                                                                                    Sarah Schmill

  6. Clerk’s Report                                                                                                                           Tina Vezina

  7. Board Professional Development                                                                                         Board Members


Old Business:  None.


New Business:

  1. Review and approve consulting agreement contract for Heather Marcella.               Superintendent Rouse

  2. Acknowledge letter of retirement – John Rouse.                                                                Chair Dr. Hathaway

  3. Review the updated Professional Responsibilities and Goals for the Principal.              Principal Schmill

  4. Discuss the evaluation process for the Principal.                                                               Chair Dr. Hathaway



  Next Meeting December 11th, 2023 – 7:00 pm 



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